Hometown Prompt is made almost entirely of Git Prompt Kit components. So almost all of configuration —color customization, symbol customization, dimming vs hiding inactive elements, the number of path segments shows, etc— is done by configuring through Git Prompt Kit. (Git Prompt Kit is bundled with Hometown Prompt, so no additional download is necessary.)


Read about Git Prompt Kit's options in the Git Prompt Kit's options documentation. And play with Hometown Prompt's options and Git Prompt Kit's options in the Hometown Prompt interactive demo!


OptionDefaultType Description
%*stringDisplayed at the start of the prompt, before the working directory. In the terminal, this is printed with prompt expansion with PROMPT_SUBST and PROMPT_PERCENT. Need it to be dynamic? Define it in a precmd hook.
1integerIf non-zero, show the stash count, assume-unchanged file count, and skip-worktree file count


OptionDefaultType Description
1integerIf non-zero, the Git ref info* is followed by a line break
1integerIf zero, the Git ref info* is preceded by a line break

* Git ref info is branch or commit, ahead/behind counts, remote name(s), and tag. See the GIT_PROMPT_KIT_REF docs.